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Package Inclusions

What is included in the package?

The Skyline package includes:
• Basic salary = $2400-$3800 USD (tax-free) depending on qualifications and position
• Housing = Provided (fully furnished shared accommodation (2 bed/2 bath)
• Transportation = $ 133 USD
• Health insurance
• Airfare included
• Vacation = 30 days
• Holidays = paid
• Sick days = paid

How many air tickets are included per year?

One (1) ticket per year is included: your initial departure to Saudi Arabia and return flight upon completion of your contract.

Is medical/dental/vision coverage paid for?


a. For dependants such as spouse and children, is this included?

Yes, $200-$250 USD per year for each dependent is included.

What kinds of services are provided for the employees?

Our clients attempt to provide every possible level of support to their employees by investing their resources to assist you in all situations, from legal and immigration issues to personal and health predicaments. Most have Human Resource, Public Relations, and Legal Affairs Officers who will not hesitate to provide you assistance in any situation, including if you have an event to manage or seek a caterer. They are very happy to help, you just have to ask. You are provided a Comprehensive Health Insurance cover which covers pre-existing conditions too, in selective instances. All in-patient care is covered and most Laboratory based tests. The insurance does not cover cosmetics surgery, general and dental.


Do I need my BA/BS or MA to apply?

Bachelors' Degree in an ESL/English related field
Bachelors' Degree & TESL/TEFL/CELTA certificate/State teaching certificate.

Are Native English speakers required?

Yes, but some exceptions are made. Please inquire for more information regarding this requirement.

From which countries are you accepting candidates (which native country)?

Canadian, American, British, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and South African Citizens are currently the only citizenships accepted (visas are approved).

Visa Process

What Will My Legal Status Be?

Approved recruits will posses the legal status of an expatriate with a legal work permit to practice your prescribed profession.

Which type of visa will employees be coming over on (employment, business, etc)?

Instructors will receive a single entry employment visa, or visit/business visa depending on availability. You will still be allowed to go on vacations outside the country with either type of visa; the employer will arrange this for you, but you will have to let your supervisor know in advance.

How long does the visa process take?

The employment visa process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on if all the documents are in order.

Why do I need to complete my visa in my hometown/country?

Completion of your visa in your hometown/country is a Saudi employment visa regulation.

What is the next step in the process after I accept a position?

If you have accepted a position with a company, you will work on the visa documents required to travel to Saudi Arabia. In parallel, we will work with the sponsor for the contract and visa documents and then send them to you to complete. If you are waiting on feedback from one of our clients, we will be in touch with you as soon as we get updates.

Does my employer take my passport?

No, employers do not take passports from candidates except for when applying for exit/re-entry visa.

Candidate Policies

How long are the contracts?

One (1) or two (2) year contracts are standard, depending on employee desire and need.

When do you need teachers to start by?

After an offer is made, generally one (1) month from your acceptance date but possibly sooner.

Can I change my start date?

There is some flexibility with your start date. We understand that sometimes the visa process can be delayed and impact the initial start date. If you need to request a delay due to your own personal matters, please speak to your Skyline recruiter.

Which locations are potentially available for teaching opportunities?

Locations vary by need and are constantly changing. Recent locations include: Al Jouf, Tabuk, Khobar, Qassim, Riyadh, candidates can be moved to other locations such as Jeddah or Makkah as they open up.

Is there a probationary period for new employees?

Yes, the probationary period lasts for 90 days.

Are sick days paid, how many sick days are included?

Unlimited sick days are included, as long as there is a valid reason.

Which holidays are included as paid holidays?

Major national holidays per specific location are included.

How many vacation days are given per year?

30 days per year.

Can employees take additional vacation then the amount of days provided?

Yes, unpaid.

When can vacation be taken?

Vacation time depends on the company employer. Concerns and questions should be discussed specifically with your supervisor. Some teachers arrange vacation during semester breaks if they are deployed at a University location.

Is overtime paid, if so, after how many hours is it paid?

Yes, each contact hour over 30 hours is paid 1.5 of salary.

What if I want to curtail my employment and return home?

Your contract of employment awards you the right to curtail your employment at any time however, there are conditions. You have to submit a two month advance notice if you do not want to pay retribution in lieu of recruitment expenses incurred in your employment process. In the event you fulfil the prescribed tenure of your contract you shall be entitled to your salary, end of service bonus, and free Air Passage home to your chosen country of destination. Please note, you will not be allowed to change over your employer or transfer your sponsorship to another company while you are employed by the Arabian Group; if you must, then you have to submit a two month notice requesting termination of services. You shall be required to depart Saudi Arabia and return to your new employer. From our side, we will do everything in our capacity to make your stay with us comfortable and worth your time and effort. In return, we would expect that you invest best of your faculties to make our financial and personnel investment in you worth its while.


How often will I receive a paycheck?

Saudi companies pay their employees once per month.

Do I get receive cash or check?

You will receive direct deposit in your Saudi bank account. If you prefer cash, this may most likely be arranged. Your employer will assist you in setting up a bank account when you arrive.

Can I transfer the money to my bank account at home?

Yes. You can perform an international wire transfer to the bank back home. Saudi Arabia is one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to the movement of commerce and finances. You are completely free to transfer any amount of your earnings back home or abroad to your designated accounts. In some instances you are asked to produce a proof of lawful earning in the event of transferring amounts larger than ten thousand US Dollars. This proof could be in the form of a letter from your employer stating that the amount in question was earned by you by lawful means.

University, School, Institution Placement Information

Which institutes are potential placement options?

Skyline has relationships with a wide selection of institutions in Saudi Arabia so placement opportunities vary based on instructor demand. Please inquire about placement options with your Skyline representative.

Can I choose where I want to be placed?

You can let us know your preference city but there is no guarantee of specific locations. Again, placement depends on the business needs of the specific location.

What location will I be placed in?

Location placement will be determined upon arrival in Saudi. This depends on the needs of the company at the time of your arrival, as many clients have multiple locations.

When will the program or school year start/end, how long are they?

Programs operate on a year-round schedule.

What kind of campus will I be living on?

The style of campus depends on the company. We can give you some information based on the client, but client accommodations vary greatly from one another. Most employers have western style housing campuses or apartment complexes for their teachers.

Is the campus safe? Do they have guards?

Yes. All campuses and schools are safe and have guards.

What will process be when the instructor arrives in Saudi Arabia? Will someone pick them up, take them to temporary housing, etc.?

A company representative will pick you up at the airport, and provide temporary furnished housing until both the teacher and client find furnished housing (comparable to a 4 star hotel). The company will work with you to find suitable housing; they have a number of existing apartment buildings that current teachers are living in, so the teacher may join the existing apartment facilities as well. For single males/females there will be shared accommodation (2 bedrooms) with a common kitchen and living room area. Each teacher will have their own private bedroom. For couples and families, a 1 or multi-bedroom furnished apartment will be provided when the whole family arrives.


Does everyone in the school speak English?

No, not necessarily. Some speak English fluently, some broken, and some only a few words.

What age groups are the students?

International schools will have students aged between age 4 and 18. University students would be aged 18 and up. Institutes are 18 plus years of age.

Is curriculum provided?

All curriculums will be provided by the company employer. Each company has specific preferences for material; most endorse a US or UK based curriculum. The creation of personalized lesson plans is dependent on the company employer’s preference. Any concerns or suggests may be discussed with your employer.

Is training provided for new teachers?

Yes, upon arrival instructors are required to attend an informational orientation program. Orientation may take up to one week and includes class observations and workshops to familiarize instructors with the syllabi and academic policies applicable to your tenure in this position. This period may also include an induction into the cultural intricacies of your prospective students, as it is imperative that you understand the locals’ behavior while interacting in a classroom environment.

Will it be easy for me to adapt to the Saudi Arabian Culture?

For non-Muslim individuals, there are quite a number of aspects of Saudi culture which may be awkward during the adjustment period. Most notably, women do no drive in Saudi Arabia nor socialize in public. You can sit in a coffee house or a restaurant if you are a single female, but in the family section only. Males have more leverage in moving about. Other social norms require women to be dressed modestly while in public, and men are not encouraged to walk the street in boxers.

If you happen to be around during the month of Ramadan, it could be a somewhat challenging experience as you may not eat or drink in front of your Muslim colleagues or co-workers, whether in the company accommodation nor at work. The plus side of Ramadan is that the working hours are shorter than normal. During Ramadan, many of your Muslim colleagues would not mind if you were having a cup of coffee on your break at work, but you must use your personal judgement in determining what will be perceived as disrespectful to those around you. Remember, you are newly experiencing this culture and your colleagues will be open to answering questions if you have a genuine interest and respect for their beliefs.

Modern Saudis are quite familiar with other cultures, compliments of movies and satellite channels. Western education is spreading within the Saudi population, hence the majority of Saudis understand that you are not a species from another world, just from a different country. Most native people that you meet are very enthusiastic about making friends with foreigners and crave to practice their English skills- especially with a native. You will find many native people who would like to befriend you, entertain you, and show you around; it is advisable to show discretion in accepting their invitations.

Is the position single shift, split shift, or both?

Split shift or straight shift (university), depending on location placement. Candidates cannot choose the location, however he or she can relay the desire for a particular city.

What are the teaching hours per week?

30 contact hours, 40 total hours for institute, approximately 25 contact hours for university positions.


Is housing included or paid to employee?

Housing allowances are paid to the employee; the employing company will work with the instructor to provide suitable housing to their liking. The company will work with you to find suitable housing; they have a number of existing apartment buildings that current teachers are living in, so you may join the existing apartment facilities as well.For single males/females there will be shared accommodation (2 bedrooms) with a common kitchen and living room area. Each teacher will have their own private bedroom. For couples and families, a 1 or multi-bedroom furnished apartment will be provided when the whole family arrives.

What kind of people will be living on the campus with me?

Campus housing will be inhabited by teachers and other professionals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Who pays for utility and internet expenses in the provided housing?

Responsibility for utilities and internet expenses depend on the employer. Some employers have everything pre-packaged, while others hold you responsible for paying. The cost is not high for either.

Can I live alone?

Employers pay for shared housing with one other person, but if you choose to live alone you will have to pay the difference. Some of our positions provide single accommodations, however most are shared.

Can I live outside the campus?

Yes, you can live off campus. Some employers will give you a stipend as a replacement, while others will only give you the option to stay at their provided accommodations.

Saudi Culture

In general is the county and city of residence safe for Foreigners and Expatriates?

Saudi Arabia is one of the safest places to live. Regulations and laws on criminal behaviour are stringent and therefore you are as safe here as in any small town back home. Crime rate in Saudi Arabia is one of the lowest in the world, specifically concerning serious crime such as homicide, robbery, gang activity, and organized crime. There are burglaries or carjacking as in any city, but that is limited to certain area which you are advised to avoid. In general, a single woman can walk in most parts of the big cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and Abha without fear of assault.

Are there issues which I may not touch upon within or outside the Classroom?

Yes, it is important to keep in mind that cultures vary greatly from one another, and as a professional, you need to remain respectful regarding those differences. It is recommended to avoid engaging in political and religious based personal conversations with students, as is appropriate in any classroom setting. Cultural differences can be extreme regarding dating and personal relationships, so keep that in mind before disclosing your own experiences or giving advice. You might be approached by students inviting you for dinner; it is up to you to accept or deny, but remember that it is important to remain professional.

Any concerns or questions you have regarding appropriate content can be discussed with your Skyline representative or your supervisor. Your point of view is unique and teaching abroad offers a special opportunity to share your own experiences, but it is important to always remain respectful of the culture you are immersed in.

What are the social and cultural norms which I must adhere to while I am in Saudi Arabia?

The most practiced norms which you should adhere to in order to avoid being in a controversial situation include: avoid showing affection in public, wear modest attire, and women especially are advised not speak to strangers, or smile at them, in a public or a close place when coming face to face. This kind of direct behavior may be easily misunderstood by the local people.

Drinking liquor and smoking illegal substances is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, and smoking tobacco in public places is also frowned upon. Most shopping centres and malls impose no-smoking zones. Males have the luxury of ordering a hubble-bubble in coffee shops.

Females may not leave accommodation late at night or go out with male friends unless they can manage it with discretion. Single females living in the company accommodation may not bring male friends back as guests. The same is true for male instructors: discretion is required for bringing friends of opposite genders back to your accommodation. Mixing of sexes in an extramarital environment is a prohibitive action and could land you on the wrong side of the moral regulations regime.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is business professional.

Men can wear casual or dress pants/slacks, dress shirt, and tie.

Females are normally required to wear long ankle length dresses in the classroom, although you are free to don your jeans after work. Women can wear casual dress pants, long skirts, and other conservative attire. Women will need to wear abaya and head scarf outside of the classroom. You may purchase your abaya and headscarf prior to your departure from an array of online stores. For quality and low cost items, we recommend that you try: or You may also visit this site for more information on headscarves (commonly called hijab):

Do I need to buy a scarf/abaya?

It is best to buy a scarf/abaya from your home country, but if not the employer will provide one for you or assist your purchase of one upon your arrival in Saudi Arabia. You may purchase your abaya and headscarf prior to departure from an array of online stores. For quality and low cost items, we recommend that you or

What is halal?

Halal means permissible under Islamic law. For more information visit:

When will I speak to my employer? How am I introduced?

Introductions to your employer depend on the specific company. The employer may speak to you before your offer, after your acceptance, or when you arrive. Skyline provides a dedicated customer service representative to our candidates so that you remain comfortable throughout the process.

What kind of recreational facilities are available in Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh and other cities in the Kingdom are full of exciting recreational facilities and excursions. In Riyadh, you can join a health club on or off campus. There are sporting clubs, excursions such as treks in the Desert, an opportunity to camp out under the nascent clear sky, a visit to the camel market called “Souq“ or the old antique market, as well as opportunities to dine in local restaurants.

If you want to experience different cuisines, there are many Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and of course the foremost of all, restaurants from the Levant to enjoy. If you like to gamble with your metabolism you can try traditional Saudi dishes in places spread around the cities. Take a chance and try the most loved dish of locals, the “Mathloutha” or the “Mandi“. In the Eastern Province you can top up all this with dip in the sea or just relax out on the beach. It is important to note that women are not allowed to wear bathing suits.

If you are a video games enthusiast you can play in the Malls or buy your own consoles; all types are available.

Am I free to travel inside the Kingdom?

Yes, you are free to travel inside the Kingdom. There are incredible places to see and enjoy, such as Malayan Saleh in the North or the fields of volcanic sprouts, the Empty Quarter in the East, and a water hole formed by fallen space debris. The southern province of Saudi Arabia has exceptional natural scenery and tourist attractions as well. You are free to travel in which ever manner you like including on road or by air, rental car, or use of the public transport.

Is there a mosque around or on campus?

Yes, there is a mosque within 5- 10 minutes of walking.

Is it possible to move freely in the non-campus areas?

Yes, you may explore off campus areas, but you must respect local culture by adhering to the proper dress code and behavior. Some cities are more conservative than others.

How far are grocery stores, shopping centers, etc.?

The location of grocery stores depend on the city you are in, but various stores are prevalent in all areas and are no more than 10 minutes away.

Do the supermarkets have American style food items?


How much is food?

Pricing of food is slightly less expensive than American food prices.


Do I have recourse to keep in touch with my country’s diplomatic mission?

Absolutely, you are free to keep your country’s Diplomatic Mission aware of your whereabouts, and participate in your national ceremonies or occasions at your country’s Embassy. If you need our assistance in visiting them, Skyline will be glad to assist you.

If employee is married and/or has kids, what is the procedure to bring them?

If you are married and wish to bring your family with you, it is possible, but in most cases you may have to leave them behind and apply for their family visit visas after you have started working. Once you have arrived, you should discuss your interest in sponsoring your family. Once arriving in Saudi, teachers can apply at the embassy for family sponsorship; it takes up to 2-3 months from filing the paperwork. We request the Saudi Consulates in your country of origin to issue your dependants the visas, however every Consulate has its own standard of procedure.

Who pays for my family's visa?

You will be obliged to pick up the tab for the expenses incurred in bringing your family members to the specific location. The employer will assist with all appropriate paperwork.

Is it possible to bring family over the same time employee is traveling?

In order to sponsor your family you will need your residency card (Iqama), that can only be obtained when arriving in Saudi. The process takes a couple months. Special considerations are available for single females/males with children.

How much is school for my kids? And who pays for it?

Your employer would be able to provide information or provide resources for you to find schools in the area when you arrive. You can research online the international schools in the area. At present we do not have a policy to subsidize the school fees of your children. It should be noted that school fees are considerably large in Saudi Arabia, and your child is not eligible to attend a government school, which are pro-bono. Also the government schools teach in the Arabic language curriculum only. However, there are many international schools which teach American, British, French and other syllabi.

Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend?

No, this is not permissible according to the Saudi laws.

Can I sponsor my mom/dad/uncles/brother/sister?


Can I bring my pet?

You may bring certain pets, but you must follow the regulations of the airlines and country. No dogs are permitted.

Can couples be hired?

Yes, this may be arranged, but please let us know when you apply.

a. If couples can be hired, can both travel at the same time?

Only if the necessary visas are available.

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