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The CELTA is a common requirement for those entering the field of English language teaching. Since it is recognized internationally, it is a particularly popular credential among people who wish to travel and teach English around the world. The CELTA is awarded upon passing the course, which includes six hours of assessed teaching practice to real EFL classes at least two different levels of ability. The course grade is determined primarily by the performance of the candidates in this teaching practice; there are also four written assignments due throughout the course, which are graded on a pass/fail basis only. The grades awarded are Pass, Pass B and Pass A. The full-time four-week course is very intensive. Even the part-time version of the course can take up more time than a full-time job for many candidates, especially those with no teaching background. There are over 286 approved CELTA centers in 54 countries, providing almost 900 CELTA courses every year. Each course is audited by an external assessor.


The Delta, also referred to as DELTA, is a professional qualification in English language teaching consisting of three modules awarded by Cambridge Assessment, formerly UCLES, a part of the University of Cambridge. The diploma is often seen as a follow-up to the certificate known as the CELTA, once the individual has done at least two years of teaching and has decided on a more long-term and serious commitment to the teaching of English. The diploma may include related non-teaching responsibilities (administration, training of teachers, and so on) if candidates decide to complete the diploma's Module Three English Language Teaching Management (ELTM) option. The diploma is awarded upon passing a course which includes supervised teaching practice, observation of other teachers, completion of a range of written assignments, completion of an extended assignment, and a written examination. The Delta is available in many different countries throughout the world. The course can be taken part-time over a year or more, or full-time over a period of two to three months. Distance learning is also available. These intensive courses provide input for Modules 1 and 2 but Module 3 cannot be taken within this timeframe. It is widely recognized around the world, as is the CELTA. The Delta is accredited in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority at Level 7 on the UK National Qualifications Framework as are master’s degrees in related subject areas. The Delta is also integrated into some MA programs.


English as a Second Language


The most important document an expatriate must possess at all times in Saudi Arabia is his ‘Iqama’. Iqama is nothing but a residence permit which is the sole legal document upon which everything else rests.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is a one-year course in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for undergraduate degree holders that trains them to become teachers.

Saudi Local

Saudi Local A term given to Candidates who are living in KSA currently. They can be of any origin.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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