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Tell us about your Education/Degrees/Certificates

Bachelors in Accounting for Chartered Accountants & TEFL 60 Foundation

Tell us about your Place of Origin and any other background information you would like to share

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

How did you decide on Saudi Arabia as a teaching destination?

My husband has been working in Saudi Arabia for the past 17 years. I felt the most natural thing to do was try to find work in Saudi Arabia, but in something that I was good at. I have had a lot of success teaching one-on-one and therefore felt that the most natural field for me to enter and try to find work, would be in teaching.

What are some of the things that you like the most about living and teaching in the Saudi Arabia?

One of the best perks in working in Saudi Arabia, is the remuneration. I stand to be corrected, but there is no other country that remunerates teachers this well. It shows Saudi Arabia's commit to education, by remunerating teachers according to their worth. Living is Saudi Arabia can be quite an adjustment for most expatriates, but the best part of being here is that it is safer than most countries and the shopping experience is amazing.

Tell us what a typical workday looks like?

The day starts at 7:30 am. The first lesson for the day starts at 8 am, and is usually 45 minutes long. Usually, a teacher has anything from one to five lessons a day. There is a short break of 15 minutes from 10:15 am to 10:30 am. With the final break at 12 pm to 12:50 pm, for prayers and lunch. One usually teaches a maximum of 20 hours a week and preparation/admin of 10 hours a week.

What are your thoughts on how security and safety are managed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is safer than most countries. There is always a police presence and regular checks are carried out. For a female expatriate, it is best to travel with another woman or group of women. There are some unsavory characters willing to take advantage of women, usually when the police aren't around.

What does your next adventure include?

I have traveled quite a bit in Saudi Arabia. I have been to Makkah, Dammam, Riyadh and passed through many other towns i.e Taif, Quwayyiya and Shaqra. My next adventure is Medina, followed by a trip to Manama, Bahrain.

What cities in Saudi Arabia have you worked?

I have only worked in Ad Dawadimi. It is about 312 km's from Riyadh.

What cities would you like to work in?

I would love to work in Riyadh.

Other Comments or suggestions for potential teachers

Potential teachers should view their trip to Saudi Arabia as an adventure. It is a major cultural shock for non-Muslims, but for a Muslim, it's the ideal destination. Teachers must remember that the adult students 18-22 years are not as mature as those in other countries, but more of a pleasure to teach here than in other countries.

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